I was born in Matera on the 17th of August 1973, where I lived until the achievement of artistic maturity. At the age of 19th y.o. I moved to Perugia to graduate in Advertsing Technique and then moved to Milan and major in Marketing and Communication (area where I worked until December 2014, first as an employee and then as a freelancer).

Marked by numerous events which, at more or less regular intervals, determined the first part of my journey, at some point in life I found myself asking existential questions, feeling the need to go a little further of what I had been shown and told until then.

Who was I? Where was I from? … Where was I going? … What Was (if it existed) my mission? These were some of the emerging questions that were answered first through personal growth and spiritual paths and then through Artistic expression (originally lived as a hobby and now as a first profession along with holistic therapy). The answers arrived in different times, thanks to the encounter of men and gorgeous women (shamans, therapists but not only) who have provided me with the tools to read between the lines and draw my own conclusions.

I am on the path of integration body-mind-spirit since 1999 and since then I have met: the Karmic Astrology, Rebirthing, Constellations, the Kryia Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Reiki, Theta Healing®, the Akasha , Shamanism and the Reconnection® philosophy. Over the years I got to experience myself (personally and professionally) in seemingly different fields but they had (all) a single purpose “provide me with the tools to learn how to find the way back home and once done, live it fully”. Thanks to this journey, still in the making, today I have chosen to follow the Red Path, The Heart’s Path by dedicating myself to the Artistic expression (used as a form of deep investigation of my and other people’s unconscious) and Holistic Therapy by focusing on: Reading the Akashic’ Records, Rebirthing Individual Sessione and The Reconnection® Philosophy.

All this led me to ‘believe in Life and in Individuals’ who create it at every step with awareness. The Journey of Life is the most complex to implement, but it is also the one that gives you the greatest satisfaction because no standards or manuals are given in advance in order to know what to do or how to be or simply being. There is the Life, which is asking you to take part in and flowing, believing in Yourself and in your deepest feelings.

My motto is: “Make the unconscious conscious, otherwise it will be the unconscious to guide your life and you will call it destiny” (quote C.G. Jung).

Namastè and Welcome In
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