Welcome to Mama Dunia “Integrated Holistic Studio and Support to Change”.

Mama Dunia‘ is born with the intent of supporting every individual in his consciousness reborn path and means ‘Mother Earth‘ in Swahili.

Mother Earth is the one who welcomes and transmits without giving anything for granted, not even herself. It is that part of Us that unity to Father Heaven creates uncontaminated and heavenly spaces and is that part of Us that, separate from Father Heaven, creates nightmares, fears, frustrations and weights.

They educated us (and we accepted it) to ‘live separate’ because doing so we would have grown frustrated and without a strong, rooted point of reference. We have been educated at Ignorance as “Negation of what we are and bring with us“.

We have denied, and in part, we continue to do so, listening to ourselves, because doing so will become fertile ground for the “denial of responsibilities“. Let us, therefore, neglect the ability to recognize and value “the abilities we have at our disposal to meet the demands of life” that daily point out the way.

Today you can choose whether to continue living in Ignorance / Negation or Opening to the Books of Your Knowledge and Mama Dunia is born with this intent: “accompany you in this process of transformation so that the opposites, or supposedly, are welcomed-understood-brought in“.

A. Tarkowsky says: “There is only one possible journey: what we do in our inner world. I do not think we can travel more in our Planet. Just as I do not think you travel to get back. Man can never return to the same point he started because, in the meantime, he himself has changed. You can not escape from yourself. All we carry with us on the trip. We bring with us the house of our Soul, like a tortoise with his armor. Truly, travel through the countries of the world is, for Man, a symbolic journey. Wherever he goes, he is the Soul he is looking for. That’s why the man must be able to travel”.

To travel is therefore what I propose to you, like me and other pilgrims, to find Yourself, Your House, Your Divine, Your Mastery.

A Journey through the Pleasures of Your Soul and the Shadows of Your Fears to bring Energy-Light-Information where you think there is Nothing.

How? The tools to choose from are so many and you can find them by browsing the site between dedicated pages and related articles, but the key to use to choose whether to stay or go is “listening”.

Listen to what your mind resonates with your inner world. Smoothes the banks and makes you feel disoriented / a? or brings you into a space of relaxation? In both cases the signal is strong, choose! Only you can do it. The only thing I can tell you is: I’m There.


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