The Thai foot massage is a result of fusion of Chinese culture, which first discovered the existence of an energy reflected on the surface of the foot and the internal organs of the body, and the typical craftsmanship of the Thai Massage School.

The result is a standard, but NOT editable, sequence that works on the entire surface of the foot and the lower part of the leg and that brings excellent results both from a curative and aesthetic point of view.

The benefits of massage

– Care, prevention and possible diagnosis of disorders;

– Feeling of comfort and relaxation;

– Aesthetic improvements.

Areas of application:

– Digestive, respiratory and circulatory disorders;

– Disorders in the feet, legs, ankles, hips, knees;

– Fluid retention;

– Anxiety;

– Headaches, neuralgia;

– Stress, nausea;

– Irregular menstrual cycle.

The intense action of massage has a deep drainage of excess fluid and, by reactivating the circulation, it is possible, from the first massage, experience a reduction in the swelling of feet, ankles, calves and knees.


– Pregnant women;

– Individuals who suffer from heart failure;

– In the presence of strong discomfort.




Price Foot Thay Massage € 120 (VAT Included)) (approx 90 mins).

For info or booking please complete the below form.

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